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new sneaks!

Brooks Ghost 4

new sneaks!

New sneakers! Brooks Ghost 4

I’m not doing so great either. but with new shoes, i’m hoping I have a new attitude.

Here are my new blog rules for myself –

1) no more complaining about not enough time. if we want to do this – or anything that we decide to tackle – we can’t complain about not finding time. let’s focus on how we make the time and take little steps. If once a week is all you can do for now, then that’s better than nothing.

2) the blog needs some focus. so, lets use it to set mini-goals and then report on them.

For me – first up – starting a running program. The long-term goal might be the half marathon, eventually, but we need to focus right now on getting started.

Step 1: buy new shoes.

I went to Road Runner Sports yesterday afternoon and was fit by the ShoeDog. I hope that the shoes are great. They look nice at least and they have a okay review. What do you think?

Step 2: start on the treadmill.

This is the goal for tomorrow at least. With snow being forecast for tomorrow (yes. snow in October!!) I think my first workout will be on the treadmill.

Step 3: report back here tomorrow.  Ok – look forward to hear more from me tomorrow.

Setting mini-goals – it is at least a start.

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