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wow – it’s been six months since i started my mini-goals and I have had a complete fitness fail.  I’ve realized this week that I hadn’t really truly dedicated myself to getting on the health train. This hit home today when I started thinking about this big formal event that I have to go to this weekend, and I realized that I don’t have anything to wear.  The thought of going to look for something elicits a tremendous amount of fear and uncertainty. And I’m tired of having fear and uncertainty in my life.

I’ve started dealing with this in other parts of my life – clearing out the physical clutter in my house.  I started with tackling the kids toy clutter. The toys have totally taken over the house – especially the living room.  So I set out to get some stuff organized and contained.  I had a great container/shelf unit, but it wasn’t organized very well, so things just got thrown into bins and then you still couldn’t find anything.  So, I did some searching on the web and got inspired to make some simple changes that will help keep things organized and in order – and hopefully both kids can help  keep it organized.

First, we dumped all the toys on the living room floor and sorted through everything.  We threw out a BUNCH of random, broken toys – especially those that you get in fast food kids meals (ashamedly admitting that I buy them more often than I should.)  Then, we started sorting the toys by type – cars, legos, superheroes, balls, logic and learning games, trains – and found containers and bins for each one.  Then I labeled each bin with an appropriate label and… ta da!


A bit more organized and contained.  I still have some work to do on weeding through the toys, but this is a start.