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This is where the lift in the water scene happened. No water any more.

This is where the lift in the water scene happened. No water any more.

Well, I haven’t posted here in a long time. But last weekend, due to the gracious generosity of The Fresh 20, I was able to go to MixedCon. The conference you will never forget – or at least that is what they say. This was a food bloggers conference, organized by Susan and Paula. There were people there from all over the country – even some from Canada.  I left work a little early on Friday, jumped in the car, and off to Mountain Lake Resort. I arrived just as the night was winding down. Was able to try some mac and cheese from the winning recipe, but I missed the cookie tasting. The pasta was supplied by Dreamfieds. It is a “low carb” pasta which was yummy. And the reps from the company were nice too. I was able to get checked in and then off to bed, there was a long day ahead on Saturday.

Mountain Lake Resort is the site of the filming of Dirty Dancing, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary. So many of you may recognize these sites.

Here is the lake – yep it is dried up. Has something to do with the springs in the area. 

And the main lodge, where I stayed, and others did. And where all the conference activities were help. There is still the sign that says “Kellerman’s” – the name of the place in the movie.

Here are some other shots of the grounds.

This is where Baby and her family stayed in the movie.

This is where the lift in the water scene happened. No water any more.

Waterless lake.

Recognize these signs?

We learned about how to take great food photos, how to style food, and how to make great videos. The speakers were great.

The best 2 parts of the day were cookie decorating with Marian. She showed us how to decorate with butter cream and royal icing. I am not sure I will ever take the time to do this for a lot of cookies, but I thought it was a lot of fun. Here are the finished results.

And the best was cake decorating with Duff.

Pointing out where to find the supplies.

We worked in pairs, and Jess was mine. We met a breakfast and were in all the sessions together. Cake decorating was the last – and it was fun. The hardest part was figuring out what to do.

The blank slate.

We decided to make it a nautical theme. We spray painted the cake, and played with some fondant. It was fun. Our finished product.

Here are some of the other cakes decorated by participants. They were  a bit more creative than me.

After all the learning and decorating, and a little bit of sustenance, there was a party with a live band to end the festivities. I was the lucky winner of a Boos butcher block cutting board and a KitchenAid mixer. One for being at the conference, the other was a raffle sponsored by OXO to raise money for childhood cancer. There were so many great sponsors and people there.

I have to say, I enjoyed everyone I met. And the weekend away from work. I hope that I can keep up the blogging motivation that I have after the conference.

And my abstract photo of the weekend.