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I have been inspired to follow A’s lead and post more here. I will try and follow her daily pattern. But Monday will have to be just Monday, since the only mommy I am is to two furry cats. They don’t give me much to write about.

So today is Soulful Sunday. I decided to go to church today. It is epiphany, and the “second” celebration of Christmas. The sermon was all about the journey you take. Which is interesting, since at 40 years old and single, the destination is not what I expected. And I haven’t really taken the time to enjoy the journey. So that is one of the resolutions I have made for 2013 – trying to enjoy the journey. So today, after I went to church and then returned a Christmas present that I already had, I went to the movies. Cause I wanted to do something fun, and it didn’t include any football.

I saw Les Miserables. Boy what a movie. I love that they recorded the  music as they filmed the movie – not what has been the norm for musical movies. The emotion that accompanies the music in the actors is amazing. I have to admit, I cried several times in the movie. Anne Hathaway was amazing. And Hugh Jackman too. I think it is such a great story, and the music is amazing too.

I hope to continue to add more fun into my life. And I hope to include some of that here.


With the new year, I’m recommitting to making this blog work. I’ve been thinking about how to focus the blog so that I can have ideas to post. My previous blogging efforts were first focused on knitting, when I had time to knit. That made sense, but two kids later, the knitting doesn’t take a high priority and I don’t have much knitting to post.

So I’ve been thinking – what kind of blog can I keep that would help me to find some order to my chaotic and busy life, and reflect all of my interests – not just one. So, I’ve created a weekly blog schedule that I’m going to follow. I am not going to pressure myself to post daily, but I figured if I outlined some focus areas, I’d start thinking more about what I could share on the blog. For the new year, I’ve committed to adding variety and fun to my weekly routine, so the blog will help me stay honest and track my successes and challenges along the way.

So here goes…

Mommy Monday: These posts will be about my life as a mom, and will coordinate with my Snap-A-Day photo project that I’ve joined.

Crafty Tuesday: For the new year, I want to be sure to include some kind of crafting in my routine – whether it be kids crafts that we do together, or knitting projects, or whatever. I’ll feature these on Tuesdays.

Wordless Wednesday: This blog meme has been around for awhile, but I think it will be a good way to work on my photography and help break up the week without having to write every day.

Throw-out Thursday: Another new year’s commitment for me is to clear the clutter.  So every Thursday, I’ll record the clutter-busting that’s going on around here.

Foodie/Fitness Friday:  This will be my chance to focus on healthy living.  I’ll be tracking some fitness and food goals this year, and this will give me a chance to focus on those.

Saturday Scholar: This topic will be pretty broad ranging, but will give me a chance to write about topics that I’m interested in and would like to explore more.

Soulful Sunday: The last commitment that I have made to myself this new year is to focus on me. I’m starting by reading Gabrielle Bernstein‘s May Cause Miracles, and implementing the steps to make small changes in my life and focus on getting all that I want and deserve from life.

So – here we go. Off on a new blog adventure.  Hope you find it interesting and inspirational!