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I have been focusing on getting things organized around the house. This past weekend I started to tackle the knitting stash and unfinished objects. I have lots of just started projects that I need to either finish or toss. So, I’m sorting through the mess. It feels liberating to clean out the mess.



I have been inspired to follow A’s lead and post more here. I will try and follow her daily pattern. But Monday will have to be just Monday, since the only mommy I am is to two furry cats. They don’t give me much to write about.

So today is Soulful Sunday. I decided to go to church today. It is epiphany, and the “second” celebration of Christmas. The sermon was all about the journey you take. Which is interesting, since at 40 years old and single, the destination is not what I expected. And I haven’t really taken the time to enjoy the journey. So that is one of the resolutions I have made for 2013 – trying to enjoy the journey. So today, after I went to church and then returned a Christmas present that I already had, I went to the movies. Cause I wanted to do something fun, and it didn’t include any football.

I saw Les Miserables. Boy what a movie. I love that they recorded the  music as they filmed the movie – not what has been the norm for musical movies. The emotion that accompanies the music in the actors is amazing. I have to admit, I cried several times in the movie. Anne Hathaway was amazing. And Hugh Jackman too. I think it is such a great story, and the music is amazing too.

I hope to continue to add more fun into my life. And I hope to include some of that here.


With the new year, I’m recommitting to making this blog work. I’ve been thinking about how to focus the blog so that I can have ideas to post. My previous blogging efforts were first focused on knitting, when I had time to knit. That made sense, but two kids later, the knitting doesn’t take a high priority and I don’t have much knitting to post.

So I’ve been thinking – what kind of blog can I keep that would help me to find some order to my chaotic and busy life, and reflect all of my interests – not just one. So, I’ve created a weekly blog schedule that I’m going to follow. I am not going to pressure myself to post daily, but I figured if I outlined some focus areas, I’d start thinking more about what I could share on the blog. For the new year, I’ve committed to adding variety and fun to my weekly routine, so the blog will help me stay honest and track my successes and challenges along the way.

So here goes…

Mommy Monday: These posts will be about my life as a mom, and will coordinate with my Snap-A-Day photo project that I’ve joined.

Crafty Tuesday: For the new year, I want to be sure to include some kind of crafting in my routine – whether it be kids crafts that we do together, or knitting projects, or whatever. I’ll feature these on Tuesdays.

Wordless Wednesday: This blog meme has been around for awhile, but I think it will be a good way to work on my photography and help break up the week without having to write every day.

Throw-out Thursday: Another new year’s commitment for me is to clear the clutter.  So every Thursday, I’ll record the clutter-busting that’s going on around here.

Foodie/Fitness Friday:  This will be my chance to focus on healthy living.  I’ll be tracking some fitness and food goals this year, and this will give me a chance to focus on those.

Saturday Scholar: This topic will be pretty broad ranging, but will give me a chance to write about topics that I’m interested in and would like to explore more.

Soulful Sunday: The last commitment that I have made to myself this new year is to focus on me. I’m starting by reading Gabrielle Bernstein‘s May Cause Miracles, and implementing the steps to make small changes in my life and focus on getting all that I want and deserve from life.

So – here we go. Off on a new blog adventure.  Hope you find it interesting and inspirational!

This is where the lift in the water scene happened. No water any more.

This is where the lift in the water scene happened. No water any more.

Well, I haven’t posted here in a long time. But last weekend, due to the gracious generosity of The Fresh 20, I was able to go to MixedCon. The conference you will never forget – or at least that is what they say. This was a food bloggers conference, organized by Susan and Paula. There were people there from all over the country – even some from Canada.  I left work a little early on Friday, jumped in the car, and off to Mountain Lake Resort. I arrived just as the night was winding down. Was able to try some mac and cheese from the winning recipe, but I missed the cookie tasting. The pasta was supplied by Dreamfieds. It is a “low carb” pasta which was yummy. And the reps from the company were nice too. I was able to get checked in and then off to bed, there was a long day ahead on Saturday.

Mountain Lake Resort is the site of the filming of Dirty Dancing, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary. So many of you may recognize these sites.

Here is the lake – yep it is dried up. Has something to do with the springs in the area. 

And the main lodge, where I stayed, and others did. And where all the conference activities were help. There is still the sign that says “Kellerman’s” – the name of the place in the movie.

Here are some other shots of the grounds.

This is where Baby and her family stayed in the movie.

This is where the lift in the water scene happened. No water any more.

Waterless lake.

Recognize these signs?

We learned about how to take great food photos, how to style food, and how to make great videos. The speakers were great.

The best 2 parts of the day were cookie decorating with Marian. She showed us how to decorate with butter cream and royal icing. I am not sure I will ever take the time to do this for a lot of cookies, but I thought it was a lot of fun. Here are the finished results.

And the best was cake decorating with Duff.

Pointing out where to find the supplies.

We worked in pairs, and Jess was mine. We met a breakfast and were in all the sessions together. Cake decorating was the last – and it was fun. The hardest part was figuring out what to do.

The blank slate.

We decided to make it a nautical theme. We spray painted the cake, and played with some fondant. It was fun. Our finished product.

Here are some of the other cakes decorated by participants. They were  a bit more creative than me.

After all the learning and decorating, and a little bit of sustenance, there was a party with a live band to end the festivities. I was the lucky winner of a Boos butcher block cutting board and a KitchenAid mixer. One for being at the conference, the other was a raffle sponsored by OXO to raise money for childhood cancer. There were so many great sponsors and people there.

I have to say, I enjoyed everyone I met. And the weekend away from work. I hope that I can keep up the blogging motivation that I have after the conference.

And my abstract photo of the weekend.


wow – it’s been six months since i started my mini-goals and I have had a complete fitness fail.  I’ve realized this week that I hadn’t really truly dedicated myself to getting on the health train. This hit home today when I started thinking about this big formal event that I have to go to this weekend, and I realized that I don’t have anything to wear.  The thought of going to look for something elicits a tremendous amount of fear and uncertainty. And I’m tired of having fear and uncertainty in my life.

I’ve started dealing with this in other parts of my life – clearing out the physical clutter in my house.  I started with tackling the kids toy clutter. The toys have totally taken over the house – especially the living room.  So I set out to get some stuff organized and contained.  I had a great container/shelf unit, but it wasn’t organized very well, so things just got thrown into bins and then you still couldn’t find anything.  So, I did some searching on the web and got inspired to make some simple changes that will help keep things organized and in order – and hopefully both kids can help  keep it organized.

First, we dumped all the toys on the living room floor and sorted through everything.  We threw out a BUNCH of random, broken toys – especially those that you get in fast food kids meals (ashamedly admitting that I buy them more often than I should.)  Then, we started sorting the toys by type – cars, legos, superheroes, balls, logic and learning games, trains – and found containers and bins for each one.  Then I labeled each bin with an appropriate label and… ta da!


A bit more organized and contained.  I still have some work to do on weeding through the toys, but this is a start.


new sneaks!

Brooks Ghost 4

new sneaks!

New sneakers! Brooks Ghost 4

I’m not doing so great either. but with new shoes, i’m hoping I have a new attitude.

Here are my new blog rules for myself –

1) no more complaining about not enough time. if we want to do this – or anything that we decide to tackle – we can’t complain about not finding time. let’s focus on how we make the time and take little steps. If once a week is all you can do for now, then that’s better than nothing.

2) the blog needs some focus. so, lets use it to set mini-goals and then report on them.

For me – first up – starting a running program. The long-term goal might be the half marathon, eventually, but we need to focus right now on getting started.

Step 1: buy new shoes.

I went to Road Runner Sports yesterday afternoon and was fit by the ShoeDog. I hope that the shoes are great. They look nice at least and they have a okay review. What do you think?

Step 2: start on the treadmill.

This is the goal for tomorrow at least. With snow being forecast for tomorrow (yes. snow in October!!) I think my first workout will be on the treadmill.

Step 3: report back here tomorrow.  Ok – look forward to hear more from me tomorrow.

Setting mini-goals – it is at least a start.

Well, this blog thing is not starting out with a bang. At one post a week, I am not sure this will achieve its purpose of keeping me on track. One of my challenges is my work schedule. How to find the time and energy to write this. As well as the time and energy to make the changes that I need to be healthy. And I think I am my own worse enemy, convincing myself that I don’t have time, when really it is I don’t make the time. So here I am, not really making this a cheery blog, but complaining. How can I really make it better?

Well, I haven’t been too great at the blogging thing either. I thought all weekend about posting. took lots of pictures and just didn’t get to it. the photos are still sitting in the camera. This has been one of my struggles – finding – or I should say making – time to do the things I want to do. By the time I get home from work, get the boys to bed, I’m so tired that I either fall asleep or just sit on the couch not wanting to do much of anything.

If I was there, I’d run or walk with you. Maybe one day we’ll live close enough to exercise together.

Chin up – we’ll figure out how to get balance together. I know I find that keeping a schedule and sticking to it can help. And lots of lists. Setting small goals can also help. Makes it seem more manageable.

Last week was a crazy one. I worked the weekend before last, and it really meant two long work weeks all strung together. I was tired, irritable and no fun to be around. That is one of the things that makes it tough for me to find balance, when I can hardly find time for sleep.

This past weekend, I went to sleep at 9:30 on Friday night and had 10 hours of sleep. Boy did I feel like a new person. It amazing how catching up on sleep can make such a difference. And may explain my cryptic post from Thursday.

I did not follow through very well on my taking lunch to work challenge last week. And this week will not be much better with my empty refrigerator. The other thing I have done in my work induced stupor last week is to schedule 2 different things at the same time tomorrow night. And I can’t decide which to cancel. But I will see if I can move either one of them, and then I have to make a decision.

I am wishing I had someone who I could go walking with in the mornings. Problem is, I have to be at work too early. So maybe I just need to get some safety paraphernalia and go on my own. I really wish I liked to run, cause it is a great work out and burns lots of calories.

Alright, enough rambling now. I need to start taking more photos so these posts aren’t all words. In the mean time, I am off to bed.